The Slide Unit is a separate device that is mounted to the printer for applications involving F/F/S, C-Fold, or similar type packaging machines. The slide unit is an elegantly simple device that "accumulates" a small length of film during each cycle. The printer advances the accumulated material during a print cycle, instead of pulling the film directly from the supply roll. It also has an additional benefit of isolating the printer's function from the packager's so that the packaging film tension remains constant at all times.

The slide unit is available with a bag adjuster mechanism consisting of a single adjustable roller that is used for proper print placement on the package. Moving the roller back and forth along the gear rack will move the printed label up or down along the length of the package until the correct location is achieved. If the packaging machine already contains a mechanism for this purpose the slide unit can be ordered without the bag adjuster.


The simplicity and universal design of the Geo printer allows it to work with virtually any type of packaging machine that uses flexible film. Mounting brackets are available from Geo Packaging that are easy to install and will fit today's most popular packaging machines. For those customers with unique requirements, our engineering staff can design brackets to fit any machine.


LABELVIEW 7.0 from TEKLYNK is a powerful, yet user-friendly label design software application that makes it easy to create and download labels directly to the Geo printer. Although the Geo printer will work with many different programs, Geo recommends LABELVIEW because of its unequaled versatility and ease of use.

Click here for more information on Labelview 7.0


The Geo printer comes standard with 32 K of memory, which is enough for most labels that contain text and barcodes. The extended memory modules can expand the printer's memory by 256 K to accommodate label designs that include graphics or True Type Fonts. The modules are simply inserted into a slot on the front panel of the control unit and installation requires no tools. Upgrading the printer with the extended memory modules can be done at any time.

For labels containing even larger amounts of graphics or True Type fonts, 512 K modules are also available- contact Geo Packaging Systems for assistance in selecting the proper size.


To protect the expensive electronics that operate the Geo printer, Geo encourages the use of and sells a high-quality series of Power Line Conditioners. Our line conditioners contain state-of-the-art constant voltage transformer technology to provide protection from all voltage and noise problems. Connecting the Geo printer or any other electronic equipment will provide:

  • Protection from noise, voltage spikes, and transients.
  • Continuous line regulation to compensate from both brownouts and over voltages.
  • Instant response, with no moving parts.
  • Reliable and maintenance-free operation, containing no failure-prone semiconductors.
  • Complete isolation from the AC power line, for enhanced safety.
  • Multiple outlets to provide protection for up to four electronic devices.

Note: Power strips and surge protectors DO NOT provide the same level of protection to your electronic equipment and are therefore NOT recommended as a suitable replacement for a line conditioner.