The Best Just Got Better! Again!
Geo Packaging Systems has been leading the way with In-Line Thermal Transfer package printers since 1989. For years, the GEO “PLUS” & “PLUS II” printers have proven themselves as two of the most reliable printers in the field. With the Geo “F-Series” we’ve taken it to the next level.


State-of-the-Art Digital Technology
Standard Operation
Superior Print Quality
Prints Text, Graphics, & Barcodes
Print Speeds Up to 12” Per Second
Simple and Reliable Operation
Compact Modular Design
Ribbon Saver
Industrial Construction
Minimal, Low Cost Maintenance
Perfect for Bag On A Roll, C-Fold,
or Form/Fill/Seal Packagers

An Extremely Versatile Printer

The GEO “F-Series” printer is superior when it comes to printing crisp, dark, durable images on virtually any type of flexible packaging material. The F-Series uses a Datamax A-Class family of advanced print engines which includes a number of innovative design features such as: a modular electronics card cage, remote control panel and full graphic display. The compact, open-architecture printer can be installed and operated on all brands of intermittent motion packagers and can be mounted right side up or upside down to print on either side of the film. Five available models will accommodate film sizes up to 36” wide.

Any type of information or designs can be printed directly on your package with the Geo F-Series. The 2” to 6.7” wide print head allows for large print areas and digital thermal transfer technology gives you the flexibility to print over 15 different types of bar codes, text (including TrueType fonts), custom graphics and logos, nutrition panels, lot codes and time/date stamps or database fields.

Unmatched Cost Savings

Did you know that thermal transfer printing is the fastest, simple, and most economical way to print on a package? When you add up equipment, ribbon and maintenance costs, the Geo
F-Series has a lower per-package cost than hot stamp or labor intensive print-and-apply labeling.
The Geo F-Series is constructed specifically for use in industrial environments and contains fewer moving parts and is adjustment-free. Use the Geo F-Series for your on-demand package printing needs and you are guaranteed to maximize production time, keep maintenance costs low and ensure that the 1,000,000th print will look just as good as the first.

With the Geo F-Series you not only get the best thermal transfer package printer available but also access to extensive and prompt customer support that makes Geo Packaging Systems a stand-out in the industry. Give us a call now and let us show you what we can do for you!

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