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An affordable, high quality packaging system for small or large run packaging operations, the GeoPak is a unique and innovative concept in bag-on-a-roll packagers that will have your packaging operation at peak productivity and profitability!

The GeoPak uses state-of-the-art automation technology to provide a less expensive way to package a variety of products quickly and efficiently, and its ergonomic design will impress even the most demanding operators.

When looking for packaging equipment everyone desires the same basics: a machine that is easy to use, versatile, durable and cost effective. Not only does the GeoPak bagger meet all of those requirements, it offers so much more. Continue on for a closer look at this exciting machine!


  •  Intuitive, easy to read Color Touch Screen control panel.

  •  Works with all brands of bag-on-a-roll films made from LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, polypropylene and various other heat sealed plastic films.

  •  Interfaces with a wide variety of in-feed options including vibratory bowl counters, weighers, and conveyors or can substantially increase your packaging productivity with hand-fed products.

  •  Fast cycle rates are achieved by using a computer controlled, high-speed stepper motor drive combined with a precision machined, constant heat seal bar. The GeoPak can package products as fast or faster than any of our competitor's equipment.

  •  Mounted on a hydraulic lift table that rolls on easy glide casters to provide the ultimate in mobility. A single operator can roll the bagger into position, pump the handle to raise it to the correct height, and begin packaging- it really is that easy!

  •  The GeoPak has the smallest footprint of any freestanding bagger available. At just 24" wide, it uses less of your valuable production space and gives the bagger excellent manueverability in tight spots.

  •  The unique open-top construction and a simple four roller unwind allows for quick and easy loading of bags. A new roll of bags can be loaded in less than 60 seconds for maximum productivity and uptime!

  •  A unique bag reverse feature places the opened bag around the mouth of the funnel, ensuring that the parts make it into the bag every time.

  •  A Seal jaw kick back feature automatically withdraws the seal jaw if any obstruction is detected and then notifies the operator of the error.

  •  Bagger Fault and Help Screens constantly update the operator with the status of the bagger and provides on-screen troubleshooting tips to help resolve any problem quickly.

  •  Made with off-the-shelf electronic, pneumatic, and hardware components to give the end-user flexible maintenance options. If replacement parts are needed, you don't have to worry about being forced to pay high prices for proprietary components.

  •  The GeoPak is designed to work with the NEW GEO "F-Series" Printer to create a complete Print-N-Pack system.

  •  Idle mode saves energy by shutting off power to the air, drive motor, and seal bar heaters while the bagger is not in use.

  •  Additional options and accessories are easily integrated with the standard GeoPak bagger with no modifications or programming changes being required. Options such as the Geo "F-Series" printer, seal flatteners, pneumatic load shelf, or bag deflators can all be installed in just a few minutes.

All of these features add up to a machine that can provide unparalleled performance
in bag-on-a-roll packaging. To truly appreciate what the GeoPak bagger can do for you,
contact us today! You can also Click Here to view our video of our "F-Series" and
GeoPak Bagger in action.


The GeoPak bagger uses pre-made bags-on-a-roll that can be purchased through Geo or from several other manufacturers and distributors. Each roll contains hundreds of bags that are open on one end and sealed at the other. They are joined together with perforations between each bag so that they can be individually separated once filled.

Once the roll of bags is loaded into the machine, the GeoPak will advance one bag at a time and place it into position to be filled. The package is held open using air so that it can be filled, which is either done by hand or by using a funnel and automatic feeding equipment (such as weighers, counters, conveyors, etc). After the bag has been filled, the GeoPak seals the bag with a heater bar and separates the bag from the roll -all in one motion. You now have an individual package with the product sealed inside.

The GeoPak has three modes of operation to give you flexibility in packaging:

MANUAL MODE is for hand feeding of product. The operator places the product in the bag and then uses a foot pedal or presses a button on the control panel to seal the package and index the next one.

AUTOMATIC MODE is similar to Manual Mode except no input is needed from the operator to initiate each cycle. Instead, the cycle is timed using variables that can be modified by the operator. This mode is mostly useful when used by a skilled operator or when using a metered in-feed device that is precisely timed.

AUXILIARY MODE is the most productive way to operate the bagger. The GeoPak is interfaced with an in-feed device so they can communicate back and forth. The in-feed device will trigger the bagger cycle and the bagger will signal the in-feed device when it is ready for the next product fill cycle. The two machines can operate like this continuously, without the need for an operator.

For more information on functions and abilities of the GeoPak bagger,
contact Geo Packaging Systems.