The following options are available for the GeoPak bagger and can either be ordered with a new bagger or installed at a later time without any modifications being necessary. These options are a great way to further boost productivity and create attractive, point-of-sale packages using bags-on-a-roll.


The Pneumatic Load Shelf is used when packaging heavy or awkwardly shaped products. The load shelf will support the packaged goods while the bag is being filled and then retracts so the finished bag can fall clear of the seal area.


This option will create attractive, wrinkle-free seals on the finished bag. The flatteners are great when packaging objects that are large or heavy compared to the bag size, or when using large bags (6" wide or more). Geo's unique design utilizes two "fingers" and a pneumatic three-axis motion to pull the seal area of the bag tight while it is being sealed. Unlike similar devices on other baggers, the Geo design is self-adjusting and requires a minimal amount of set-up time.


A simple device that clamps to the seal bar, it uses a foam pad to squeeze air out of the bag during the sealing process. This helps to keep the finished package from containing trapped air and forming a pillow.


Our top-selling in-line thermal transfer printer is a perfect addition to the GeoPak bagger and turns it into a complete print-n-pack operation. For more details on the PLUS II click here.


To protect the expensive electronics that operate the Geo printer, Geo encourages the use of and sells a high-quality series of Power Line Conditioners. Our line conditioners contain state-of-the-art constant voltage transformer technology to provide protection from all voltage and noise problems. Connecting the Geo printer or any other electronic equipment will provide:

  • Protection from noise, voltage spikes, and transients.
  • Continuous line regulation to compensate from both brownouts and over voltages.
  • Instant response, with no moving parts.
  • Reliable and maintenance-free operation, containing no failure-prone semiconductors.
  • Complete isolation from the AC power line, for enhanced safety.
  • Multiple outlets to provide protection for up to four electronic devices.

Note: Power strips and surge protectors DO NOT provide the same level of protection to your electronic equipment and are therefore NOT recommended as a suitable replacement for a line conditioner.

For more information on functions and abilities of the GeoPak bagger,
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