Geo Packaging Systems, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacturing, and sales of durable, high quality equipment that provide our customers with cost effective solutions for their printing and packaging applications.


The Best Just Got Better! Again!
Geo Packaging Systems has been leading the way with In-Line Thermal Transfer package printers since 1989. For years, the GEO “PLUS” & “PLUS II” printers have proven themselves as two of the most reliable printers in the field. With the Geo “F-Series” we’ve taken it to the next level.
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Now Geo Packaging Systems is partners with Datamax, Corp., and is proud to offer total business solutions. From printing on flexible plastic films since 1989, Geo Packaging Systems in today's business can offer a diverse line of thermal printers in the barcode industry. From industrial, healthcare, automotive, ticketing, retail and RFID.
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The GEOPAK is a rugged packaging system that is unsurpassed in its simplicity and reliability and can package a variety of products such as hardware, electronic components, medical supplies, brochures, and auto parts - to name a few.
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The GEO PLUS II printer is superior when it comes to printing crisp, dark, durable images on virtually any type of flexible packaging material. The compact , open-architecture printer can be installed on all brands of intermittent motion packagers.
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